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Incomes of sales of the telerights to display of Winter Olympiad in Turin on 20 % have exceeded the sum which has acted in soccer bet from TV men for translations with Ieeiieaau-2002 in Salt Lake City. Incomes soccer bet promise to grow in the further only.

On Friday in Seoul next executive committee soccer bet has come to the end. In conclusion of it with the traditional reference president soccer bet Jacque Soccer bet who has depicted today's and tomorrow of Olympic movement has acted. According to Soccer bet, the financial future of Olympiads cloudlessly: deductions from sponsors grow, Olympic Games are accompanied by the increasing spectator agiotage, on also the telerights to illumination of Games hurrah are on sale.

The maximum Olympic official has told, that the rights to display Winter Olympiads-2010 (Vancouver) and Years Olympic Ea?-2012 (London) are already realized. According to Soccer bet, the sum which managed to be gained for television display, exceeds incomes of sales of "picture" with Ea?-2006 (Turin) and 2008 (Pekin) on $700 million Vancouver and London have been sold in the sum for $3,3 billion Even in view of a proceeding falling a dollar exchange rate it is an excellent parameter.

But also it as optimistically declares Soccer bet, yet a limit.
" Financial prospects at Games simply excellent. The future of Olympic movement is reliably protected ", -
Chapter soccer bet, the truth, called to be kept from euphoria has told. " While this money more virtual. To receive them, we should lead at a worthy level the nearest Games ", - has told Soccer bet.

Financial-statistical data who were resulted by the Belgian, really, impress. Sale of the television rights on
Display Ieeiieaau-2006 in Turin on 20 % has exceeded the sum which has been obtained from realization of display of Winter Olympic games of 2002 in Salt Lake City.

But it is necessary to move further. The Olympic program, according to Soccer bet, should be corrected to bring the even greater income to organizers and Olympic movement. " The program of Games should be optimized under spectator interest ", - president soccer bet, in the past to year already achieved approves exceptions of the program of years Games of baseball and soccer bet. Last time kinds of sports were excluded from the Olympic program in far 1996. Then has suffered polo.

Exception of baseball and soccer bet not last step by way of revision of the Olympic program. As Jacque Soccer bet speaks, on executive committee soccer bet representatives of the International sports federations and national Olympic committees have agreed to consider changes of the program of Games. Changes should be approved at session soccer bet which will pass in following year, and procedure of their entering this time will be simplified.

Earlier, to deduce any from kinds of sports from the program of Games, was only simple majority of voices enough. In the Olympic program of new disciplines it was necessary for inclusion, that for it have voted 2/3 members soccer bet.

Now in case of and with that, and with other procedure will be only simple majority of voices enough.

The First Games lead according to the new program, should take place in 2012 in London

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